ACADEME Integrated Cloud School Management System

Grab this opportunity today and take full control of your school’s operation. Be equipped to make well-informed business decisions and increase data processing efficiency.

What is ACADEME?

We know that record keeping can be tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating, especially in a school setting. Looking for a student’s file should actually be a simple task but it takes time and a lot of effort if records are manually done. Financial reports can take endless days resulting in discrepancies.

We have a perfect solution for you. ACADEME Integrated Cloud School Management System

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Bring your school with you
ACADEME ICSMS: One system for everyone
Administrations, Parents, and Students
Academe Features
Students & Parents
ACADEME ICSMS is family-friendly. Students and their parents are able to view the student’s information, fees, schedules and grades in the comfort of their own homes.
All pertinent reports from the system are accessible by the President/ Principal of the school.
This keeps track of all students’ applicable fees, balances, payments received.
Enables finance to set student-related fees and generate reports of school income.
All official student documents and government required reports are generated here.
This records all school items being used by school staff or students.
Teachers can now input grades, lessons, and other pertinent student information wherever they are. No late filing of grades!
This records all lending and borrowing of books from your Library.
Human Resource
Input all pertinent teacher and staff information.
Dean/Assessment Officer
Enrollment is made easy with all information being reviewed through the assessment account.
All integral settings are configured such as School settings & Employee settings (Employee Categories, Employee Information, and Employee Activation)
Other Features
If the feature you’re looking for is not on this list, customizations are available upon request.
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